Finest Fly Fishing & Big Game Hunting in North America

Ownership / Membership

Elk Creek Ranch is a gathering place where like-minded recreational and outdoor enthusiasts come to hunt, fish, and enjoy the tremendous resources the ranch has to offer. In doing so, they pass on a love of the outdoors from one generation to the next, as well an ethos of conservation and protection of the ranch’s pristine resources. By building a community based on responsible stewardship, the owners of Elk Creek Ranch ensure the continued sustainability of its habitat and surroundings for all owners.

As a private ranch community with members governed by an HOA, the owners at Elk Creek Ranch share a magical place with outdoor and wildlife features that are becoming a scarce and declining resource in America. Members have access to 30+ miles of private fishing water and 25,000 acres for hunting, and other recreational pursuits.

With a few exceptions, the investment in a membership includes a designated building site for a ranch home. All memberships assure that multi-generations can share the unique service and amenities together. Building a home is not a requirement as an owner you also have access to stay in one of 6 beautiful log homes with a total of 11 suites with first class waterfront, overnight accommodations. The main lodge and restaurant offer an unparalleled culinary experience under the direction of our executive chef and service team.

Membership at Elk Creek Ranch is about family traditions, building memories and creating a legacy for generations to come.