Finest Fly Fishing & Big Game Hunting in North America

Fly Fishing

Known to serious anglers for the finest dry fly fishing in the US, Elk Creek Ranch boasts a fishing resource beyond compare. Over many generations, careful stewardship of this private water has yielded a superior habitat where rainbow trout, brown trout, brook trout, and cutthroat trout thrive in abundance. And, prolific caddis, mayfly, stonefly and midge hatches ensure that hungry trout are looking up for the take. The late-summer and fall terrestrial fishing is simply legendary.

With the acquisition of golf legend Greg Norman’s Seven Lakes Ranch in June of 2021, Elk Creek Ranch doubled its grounds to 25,000 acres, significantly expanding what was already considered the most sought-after fly-fishing ranch in North America, offering an incredible diversity of waters. In combination, these ranches comprise 33.7 miles of private access to diverse fly-fishing habitat on the White River and along Elk Creek, including:

  • 4.5 miles of river (owned)
    • Elk Creek Ranch
    • Dry Creek/Pollard
  • 6.1 miles of creek/stream (owned)
    • Elk Creek (4.6 miles)
    • Miller Creek (1.5 miles)
  • 5.5 miles of perpetual easement
    • K/K Ranch
    • Middle Seely
  • 17.6 miles of river (leased)
    • YZ Ranch
    • Evenson
    • Burri
    • Issac
    • Pearce
    • Nelson
    • Franklin

Whether it is the big and spectacular main stem of the White River, the slow-moving “still water” of the upper South Fork, or the intimate and technical Elk Creek itself, the ranch’s 44 fishing beats offer a resource of unequaled quality and magnitude. The only element rivaling Elk Creek Ranch’s diverse waters is its commitment to habitat protection and conscientious environmental stewardship.

The lakes at Elk Creek Ranch provide not only a grand expanse of visual beauty, but also excellent habitat for waterfowl and growing trout, a serene backdrop for cabin sites, and a peaceful place to wet a line and have an evening float. No matter what your choice of water for the day, all of your fishing adventures can be led by Elk Creek Ranch's world-class guides. They help ensure that members and their guests have the best possible experience on the water and can show you where the big ones hide.