Finest Fly Fishing & Big Game Hunting in North America

About Us

Roughly 15 miles outside Meeker, Colorado and south of the Wyoming border sits the most exclusive fishing and hunting ranch community in the West: Elk Creek Ranch.

With the recent acquisition of the Seven Lakes Ranch, Elk Creek Ranch now offers its members more than 25,000 private acres and 33 miles of coveted private water in the famed White River watershed. Its rivers, lakes, and streams are all carefully guided and managed and it offers incomparable fly fishing. It also sits within North America’s largest elk migration corridor.

Theodore Roosevelt regularly visited the area on hunting trips in the early 20th Century, recognizing it as a prime hunting ground. As president, he was instrumental in creating what is today the 2.3-million-acre White River National Forest, which sits adjacent to Elk Creek Ranch.
The owners here understand what Roosevelt recognized over 100 years ago: that magical places with outdoor and wildlife features like Elk Creek Ranch are a scarce and declining resource in America. The ability to access miles of private fishing water, alongside space where children, grandchildren and future generations can safely run free and explore are becoming hard to find –and even harder to preserve. The only thing equal to these special grounds at Elk Creek Ranch is the community’s commitment to habitat protection and conscientious stewardship. And that’s why it has gained such notoriety and global interest; so that multi-generations can gather, spend time together, recreate and depart with lasting memories.

By design, there are only 66 parcels, making it one of the most exclusive outdoor and sporting communities in North America. Owners here can build their dream home, or simply utilize the perfectly appointed main lodge and charming waterfront cabins to experience a legacy family retreat that has it all.